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This one's for the skeptics who don't believe in God, His Holy Bible, or the prophecies written upon its pages. This one's also for those Christians who believe in God and read their Bible, but who just can't accept that we might be living in the prophesied "end times" at the moment.

The thinking goes that there have been generations past that have believed theirs was the one that would see the return of Jesus Christ after the fulfillment of the last days prophecies. That never materialized so why should we waste our time thinking the same thing? Plus, why focus on all the "doom-and-gloom" associated with the subject? Life is bad enough these days. Do we really want to add more stress to our lives?

Sadly, there's far too many people who fall into one of these two categories and who exhibit this type of thinking on one of the most important areas of Christianity despite the litany of evidence to suggest that they should stop ignoring the facts and begin acknowledging the truth.

For instance, let's just look at the current political, cultural, social, religious, and economic landscape as it exists today. Then, you can tell me if you still think there's no reason to believe that we could very well be in the midst of the end times that Jesus warned us about.

Please prayerfully consider the following:

In mid-November world leaders will gather in Washington, D.C. to discuss how they can create a new international financial system - a one-world economy - in response to the global financial crisis. The European Union is leading the way. Could this be the catalyst for establishing a one-world economy?

The Alliance of Civilizations, a UN-led project initiated by Turkey and Spain to promote dialogue and cooperation between different cultures of the East and the West, is gaining traction across the globe.
Could this be the tool that is used to create a one-world religious system? Watch the following video and judge for yourself.

The world is swooning over the prospect of a President Barack Obama who has said - forget about simply the U.S. - he wants to change the entire world! Even the United Nations has thrown its full and unbridled support behind this man.
It's fascinating to me that it is precisely at this moment in time, this moment in American history, that we are given a candidate who exhibits all the traits and beliefs that are needed to help destroy borders and nationalism and instead usher in global governance. Could a President Barack Obama be exactly the type of person that needs to be in place as leader of the United States in order to help Western civilization create a one-world political government body?

I chose these three news stories for a reason. They clearly demonstrate that we, more than any generation before us, have more reason to believe that we're living in the prophesied end times that Jesus spoke of.

Why? Well, simply put, these are just three of the many specific prophecies that the Bible (some prophetic books written 2,000+ years ago!) talked about that are happening - for the first time - right before our very eyes! I mean, we haven't even mentioned these developments in relation to other prophetically significant headlines of the day like Israel, Iran, the Middle East, Russia, Biotechnology/Cloning, Religious Persecution, Extreme Weather, and Immorality.

The key difference between then and now is that this is not only the first time that all these specific prophecies are occuring, but also the fact that they're all happening at the same time is what should give us pause and get our undivided attention.

The Bible is clear: The end times, last days, Tribulation (however you choose to label this time period) will need a "one-world everything" to be in place in order for the Antichrist to be able to rise to power by taking control of that global apparatus and using it to exert his will upon humanity.

Surely, the pieces are being moved into place at a rapid pace these days. I strongly urge you to prayerfully consider these facts and share the good news of the Gospel with others before it's too late.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near." Luke 21:28

Keep looking up!

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Thnaks for visiting and for your kind words and encouragement.

I will certainly check out your site some time tomorrow.

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