October 14th: When Darkness Masquerades As Light (PART 2)

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Isn't it strange that things like the 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51, the X-Files, and the Face on Mars have all become embedded in our collective consciousness? I'm willing to bet that more people believe in "Aliens" then they do God. Sad, but hardly a coincidence for a time like this.

Don't you find it strange that lately we've seen more and more cases of unexplained close encounters with "UFO's" like the widely publicized Stephensville, Texas sightings from this past year? Here's the ABC News report on the incident. Heck, even Larry King as well as ABC most recently devoted an entire show to the topic of extra-terrestrial life and the possibility of full disclosure in the near future. Doesn't the timing of all of this seem rather strange to you?

In Part 1 of this critical study, we took a close look at what the Bible has to say about the being that is known as Satan - his names, attributes, characteristics and various descriptions.

In addition, we used the Bible to also establish a strong, spiritual link between a post-modern phenomenon and Satan and the fallen angels. Specifically, that when it comes to the Alien and UFO phenomenon they are not "little green men" or "space ships from outer space" as the mainstream thinking would have us believe, but that these beings and events have a spiritual and sinister origin as the fallen angels (Satan's demons) that the Bible talks about, and that they will play a significant role in the "Great Deception" of the end times scenario.

This is absolutely critical because it's only with that foundation that the rest of this will make any sense at all. Simply put, the Bible indicates that the demons are fallen angels – angels who along with Satan rebelled against God, and were cast out of Heaven.

In Part 2, we will now examine the organization that claims that they are beings from outer space who have come here to help us move into a higher consciousness by giving us peace, hope, and love.


Now that we've established our foundation for that which will be proposed in this article, have you heard of the "Galactic Federation of Light" and their agenda as well as their "big" announcement, which began emerging back in late July 2008?

Me neither, until the last few weeks that is. I won't spend time providing you with the group's origins because that can be traced back to 1977, but instead will simply focus on this event that they have predicted will occur on October 14, 2008. Besides, a quick Google search will keep you busy for some time if you desire more info. Try the name "Ashtar" and you'll get over 300,000 results.

The Galactic Federation of Light seems to be similar to TV's Star Trek and The Federation of Planets in the sense that it's an interstellar government body of sorts. Back in August (8/8/08 to be exact; does that date ring any bells?), they announced through Blossom Goodchild (a psychic medium who claims to channel these "Light Beings") their plans for "First Contact" on October 14, 2008 with a 2,000-mile long "Light Ship" (perhaps even multiple Light Ships) over the planet.

Apparently, numerous races of space beings who are all a part of this Galactic Federation have announced that they will "finally" make themselves known to the world in the form of a 2,000 mile long craft (a "Light Ship") that will appear in our skies on October 14th and remain there for at least 3 days or, long enough so that no one can deny the reality of this event.

Here's a look at one of the more popular videos that has circulated around the globe since this news broke a few months ago:

First Contact: Pleiadian Intervention 2008 (July 18, 2008)

This video was launched with a companion website - 10-14-08 October 14th Light Ship Prediction Event - that has quickly become the definitive resource for all things related to this event. The day this video was posted it was accompanied by the following message:

"I know this sounds something out of a science fiction movie, but believe it or not...This is science fact. Many of us have had a dark blind fold over our eyes since the beginning and have been fed a web of lies about the existence of extra terrestrials, the history of our earth and ourselves as a civilization. Humanity wasn't meant to exist in this context. There's a whole universe out there that has been shielded from us by melevolent beings and corrupted politicians and religious leaders. It's time we opened our eyes everyone. Look around you. Look at the world today. It is turning into absolute chaos. And unless we ourselves can do something about it, we're going to end up at the fate of the corrupt governments around the world and continue to live in fear. If you still don't believe me...Don't worry. I will have more info for you very soon to help you understand better about those who are our true friends, and those who are our true misleaders. Stay tuned..."

At first, it's easy to dismiss such claims and exceptional video editing skills as nothing more than delusional. What gave this entire movement credibility in my eyes was when I began to realize just how far-reaching and widespread it had become in popularity as well as the types of language and imagery that was being used in relation to this.

To put it another way, it began to stink of Satan because it had all the makings of preparing us all for the Great Deception that we've anticipated! More on that later. First, let's take a quick look at some of the material that is out there about this coming event and let's see if you can spot what I saw.

The second video that was distributed can be found below. It had the following message attached to it:

"There have been many predictions online via YouTube of a tremendous event that is set to occur on October 14th, 2008. This event involves a UFO encounter...A friendly encounter.If any of you are familiar with an extra terrestrial group known as the "Pleaidians", then you know what I'm talking about.The prediction originated by the individual named "Blossom" who is one of several that has channeled this message states the events that are set to occur on October 14th of this year."


Soon after, those who claim an ability to channel these beings began receiving messages that were very...unique. For instance, one session ended with the words, "That is all for today. Except we say to you the words 'snow cone'."

Then, just 4 days later on August 26th the world experienced what was called the "Florida Sky Phenomenon" and the accompanying short video clip speaks for itself:

As this announcement spread with the power of the Internet other "channelers" began to stand behind similar predictions albeit tempered with a little caution for good measure. In fact, here's a post from the main 10-14-08 website:

"As I was curious to know what other channelers out there had to say regarding the 10-14-08 date and the first contact encounter, I spoke with an individual on YouTube named MagentaPixie2012, whose channeled messages come directly from a collective energy that represent 9 white-winged beings: 'The Nine can confirm that the lightships are indeed here and have been for some time, they are connected to our thoughts & consciousness, we are indeed a part of them. There is a timeline where First Contact shall occur this year in 2008 and it could be as soon as October, it is dependent on humanity's consciousness if this timeline is manifestedThe future is not set in stone therefore any "vision" or "message" regarding future events is just one possible future and may or may not manifestHowever the channel & message are GENUINE and the message is REAL when viewed from one perspective, this does not mean this will manifest in actuality. Once the date "14th October" is put out then it is possible this can manifest as it is up to us and our consciousness to help create this to happen. Currently the Nine do not feel there is enough collective consciousness working together, focusing on this date. However "First Contact" is being focused on by enough people to create that consciousness into reality, therefore it will happen.....but the Nine feel 14th October is probably too early for this event.'"

Another channeler strikes a similar chord:

"I also need to tell you that the dates can vary depending on how the events unfold. Take into account that the Galactic Confederation are a group of beings which, like you, at this moment are working for the change; monitoring all that happens in this world and above all are fighting against an army of darkness that does not want to let go of the power and are fighting ferverently so that the great moment of the crafts appearance does not occur since they know this would imply the destruction of their power. Because of this the Galactic Confederation has woven the dates which are set; however, all has been foreseen to opt for different plans in accordance to how events unfold on Earth."

Things took an eerie turn on September 5, 2008 when the latest entry featured a new channeled message that came off sounding like a Scientology puff piece complete with stranges pictures, sounds, and an even weirder voice-over. It also came with the following comments:

"For those who are believers, they already know in their heart that the event of October 14th will take place. But for those who are either skeptic or are unaware of this, follow the steps in this video if you truly want to see a global UFO phenomenon take place on October 14th, 2008. Please pass this video along to as many people as you can. The entire world needs to know about this."

Apparently, their "appearance" can only happen if enough people "believe it will happen" and place their faith in this type of event becoming a reality. That seems to support earlier channeled messages that said similar things, and this was about the point where I started to become a little more interested (concerned) in what these people - whom I had previously classified as delusional - were saying to the world. Do you see why I suddenly had that reaction? Let's continue.

We all remember reading about CERN and the monumental Large Hadron Collider experiment, right? Well, according to this movement, "a new surge of energy" was produced by the Large Hadron Collider. Guess we were right about it having an unknown and negative effect, huh?

Little by little, as more information about this event began to come out it was quite easy to spot the messages that were red-flags to any Christian reading them and that's why I want to at least put this out there in the event that this does happen and people feel drawn to digest the delusion.

For instance, one channeled message gives us this gem: "The almighty bible isn't going to save you. The almighty god that these religions teaches you exist isn't the power that's going to save you. The god is inside you. All God is, is a three letter word. You are your power, you are your savior.Research this information people. The real answers are out there. But it's up to you to find because only you can save you. How you want to live your life is entirely up to you. Do you want to live in a world without suffering, war or poverty, or do you wish to live in the shadows of the dark workers and continue living in fear without searching for life's true meaning or the true events of our history and of our planet? Really ponder this."

It was also around this same time that the owner of the 10-14-08 website launched a companion site named 2012Evolution.com, which is described as: "Ascend Yourself To The Next Stage of Evolution: Videos, Channelings, Evolutionary tutorials and teachings, community. 2012Evolution.com is a giant information website that can prepare you for the real shocking truths, confessions, advise and teachings as we approach the 2012 year that will change the face of humanity and time forever." I know I don't need to point out to any of you the significance of 2012 in New Age circles or how many of us believe that will factor into the end times scenario. Speaking of 2012, have you been able to discover the date puzzle regarding 10-14-2008? Try this simple math subtraction: 10 - 14 - 2008 = -2012. Coincidence?

Things were quickly becoming even more interesting than when I originally started this entire investigation, and then I found the coup de gras! One "major channeling session" revealed that, "Bear in mind that there are nations and leaders on Earth that have long had access to alien technology and who have willingly opened up dialog and global access to these fallen ones long ago. Some nations on Earth have also been flying their own UFOs for decades. Some of these governments in cohorts with these fallen aliens have staged phony abduction scenarios utilizing robotic aliens, real enough in appearance to fool anyone. Why? To create fear in the public mind so that they can then be manipulated and controlled. Those of hidden agenda have even planned to stage their own version of the ascension, return of a 'Christ-like' figure and rapture."

Assuming this is what Satan will use to deceive mankind, in a cunning twist of logic it appears as though he will use reverse psychology to make this happen! They'll admit that God and Jesus Christ exist and that the Rapture is an eventual certainty, but he will try to get us to believe that there is another race of "bad aliens" working with our "oppressive governments" who are responsible and behind the deception and that he and his minions are he to "save us" from falling for that.

The mere fact that they acknowledge Jesus by name and use language that is very appealing to those that read and hear it cannot be a coincidence. They know what they're doing. I have to admit that after researching this topic for the past couple of weeks I can understand the warning in the Book of Matthew about even the elect being deceived if that were possible. It's a strong delusion indeed.

The most recent news involves everything from persistent anomalies with Google Earth images of the planet that seem to reveal several large cloaked ships moving over the planet's atmosphere (I kid you not), strange rainbow pictures across the globe (as predicted in some channeled messages), and their request that on October 13th at 11:11pm PST (does that number have any significance to any of you? it should) we the "light workers" are "being summoned to assist us in manifesting a timeline to welcome the Federation of Light to our world!" and we must repeat that statement 11 times as this will help "open the doors" so they can come through the "gate" and enter our world (Tom Horn did you read that!?!)!

Typically, I know we all take this sort of thing with a grain of salt, but I thought the date given was rather odd since we're also getting chatter about Martial Law in October, a possible terrorist attack that will dwarf 9/11 to take place only 1 week earlier on or around 10/7, and it's also on the heels of this growing worldwide economic crisis (not to mention in conjunction with all the other prophetic signs all around us in the world today - most notably those having to do with Israel as well as Tom Horn's recent discovery about the prophetic return of the Giants!).

Bottom line, the world is looking for someone or something to save them from this entire mess.

Plus, we students of prophecy have always surmised that the "Great Deception" would not only include alien life (as the mainstream knows and understands the pehnomenon today), but that it would also immediately follow some kind of worldwide catastrophe and panic.

In the third and final part of this series I'll simply present what this Federation of Light has said and do a direct side-by-side comparison against what God and the Bible has to say about such things to demonstrate that we could be a lot closer to disclosure (a.k.a. the Great Deception) than even we think we are.

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