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There are some days when I watch the news, read the headlines, listen to the radio and simply shake my head and ask myself, Why?

Why are things the way that they are?

Obviously, it's a rhetorical question because God and His Holy Bible tell me why, but it's still sad and frustrating nonetheless.

Take this recent story I found from the Family Research Council. What do abortion and hotels in New Jersey have in common? Apparently, quite a bit as lives are traded and/or used for dollars.

New Jersey Right to Life confirmed this week that two area hotels are offering discounted rooms to women who can prove they've had an abortion. Both the Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill and the Quality Inn in Maple Shade reduce room rates by up to $50 for girls with a receipt from the nearby abortion center. The Quality Inn even goes so far as to give away "free pancake and egg breakfasts" to girls who can produce a stamped clinic pamphlet.

This is just cruel and unusual punishment and it should make all of us upset. According to volunteers from the area's "40 Days for Life" campaign, many of the patients leaving the Cherry Hill clinic are "alone, crying, and in extreme pain."

After their digoxin injections, these mothers are sent home or to area hotels to wait for their babies to die. The next day, they return to the clinic to deliver their dead children.

Unfortunately, the reason these women need a place to stay is because the clinics don't care enough about their health to monitor them overnight, despite the medical risks. That should be a clear signal to these hotels that local abortionists are harming women.

Do these area inns really want to facilitate the killing process? And, from a legal standpoint, are they prepared to incur the liability if any medical complications arise?

Of course, the hotels may honestly believe that theirs is a compassionate offer. Yet, even with the best of intentions, a discount like this only makes it more affordable for young girls to cross state lines for an abortion. As the Right to Life branch accurately points out, New Jersey doesn't have a parental notification law on the books, making it an even more attractive location for young girls who want to obtain an abortion without ever calling home.

Ironically, both the Quality Inn and the Clarion are part of an umbrella corporation called Choice Hotels International!

Fortunately, as of Friday, October 24, 2008 there has been a significant change to the hotels' stance on the issue. After just two days since FRC reported this gruesome story, the public's overwhelming response through phone calls and emails has resulted in an immediate change of policy.

FRC received a letter from the corporate office of Choice Hotels. It read, "'A copy of the Washington Update (dated October 22, 2008)... recently crossed my desk. It referenced two hotels within the Choice Hotels franchise system. The email message highlighted your organization's concerns regarding these hotels, and I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to you directly as this issue has been resolved. The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, upon reflection, has ended the practice of offering special rates to patients of the Cherry Hill Women's Center... we do try to be sensitive to issues and questions raised when it is within our power to do so and we are happy to provide you with this positive update...' Sincerely, Anne Madison, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Choice Hotels International, Inc."

I applaud Choice Hotels for moving so swiftly to correct this problem and congratulate all of you who took the time to be pro-active and perhaps save a few lives in the process.

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