Stay Tuned...

Posted by JRed

PUBLISHING NOTE: I'll be sure to respond to any and all comments from the past few days soon. I've been putting the finishing touches on a new article. Stay tuned for a column later today that's overflowing with F-A-C-T-S obtained through some intense research, and one that I hope will finally put to rest this notion that us Christian Eschatologists are anything but "Doomsday Cultists" and/or "conspiracy nuts" because the truth will leave you completely speechless if you're anything like me.

Lord, please prepare our hearts and minds so that we can be alerted to the truth, and use it to prepare ourselves and our families spiritually for what's to come. Please keep me focused on reporting only the facts, and only the facts that are a matter of public record so that people can analyze it for themselves independently, take it to you in prayer, and make up their own minds.