Week In Review

Posted by JRed

A look back at the news stories/commentaries from this past week (or weeks past that have become even more relevant) that have serious prophetic implications...

I normally don't write any comments in these Weekly Review posts, but I wanted to officially put everyone on notice that things are going to become fast, furious, in-depth, and in-your-face here in this forum beginning this week. Look, I'm the first to admit that I'm anything but perfect - - far, far from it in fact! But I'm willing to confess my sins on a regular basis and admit wrong I'm wrong. Sadly, this is something that most modern-day Christians only give lip service to; they resemble a "Christian" in outwardly appearance, but resemble nothing of the sort in an inwardly sense. This is a major problem.

Time is running out people. I'm more convinced of that today than I've ever been in my short life. The fact that others who don't know me (who have never corresponded with me in my entire life) are seeing and feeling the SAME THINGS is testament that the Lord is moving within His church body of believers. There's simply way too much being revealed daily to us that gives us a genuine reason to think the beginning of Daniel's 70th Week is imminent. The proof is simply too powerful to ignore. If people - - especially other so-called Christians - - can't see that by now then there's not much I can do except continue to pray that the Lord opens your eyes to the truth before it's too late.

Please join me in taking the truth to the masses while we still can.


  1. yaddy said...

    I read your site every day and am in total agreement with what you say...the only thing is.....yes, I have a "but"
    I live in Australia, we do not have the same "signs in the sky" as you do! So, are these signs only for the US? or even the Northern hemisphere?
    What do we do down under! We do not see the same "signs" so do we ignore everything you have written?
    Personally, I believe it will have to be something that is "world wide" before I can say...with conviction that "Yes, it is a sign for us to believe in"
    It is hard for the folk on our side of the world to get as excited as you'all do over on the other side of the world....I hope you understand I don't want to be a wet blanket...nor do I want to spoil all the excitement, but well...what are we to think?

  2. gibby62 said...


    Each country has their watchmen on the wall and the same would be true of your country as well. The hard part is finding reliable ones.

    I would say with the recent outbreak of fires, you certainly have your signs on the ground!!

    I don't often hear of asteroids, etc. in Australia. The near miss asteroid in today's news as founded by astronomers in Australia, so you DO have signs in the sky too!! Of course, you have to remember that the United States covers quite a bit of square footage, so we would just be more likely to see those kinds of things.

    Also, I believe that these are also signs that the US is soon to come under judgment.

    Many of the things written here have international repercussions (Maitreya, Operation Blackjack in the UK Telegraph, etc.).

    Don't worry about being a wet blanket. We should ALL be walking around looking up for our redemption draws nigh!!