American Idols

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These are two glaring examples of why I spend so much time analyzing the messages and symbolism that is saturating our culture these days via entertainment, Hollywood, and pop culture.

Noah Cyrus Singing And Dancing To 'Smack That' By Akon

But don't be fooled. Even boys, those who are also much older and who should know better (especially those who are aggressively marketed to a Christian audience), let their true colors show. Take a look at Kevin Jonas and a picture on his t-shirt:

Kevin Jonas Loves Crowley!?!

In closing, this gem from you-know-who:

If you were God and you wanted to get through to idolatrous Americans disinclined to take you at your Word, how would you do it?I don’t know. He’s God and I’m not. He has ways we cannot fathom. Yet I should think that, being a merciful God who, as with all love and light, is active and takes initiative, reaching out and wanting no one to be lost, He would seek them (I should say ‘us’) where they “are”, just as Jesus did in eating and meeting with sinners.Like those pesky bottom-of-the-screen ads on television that keep getting larger and more blatant and persistent each year, I would “get in their face” wherever they happened to be paying attention already. I would use sports, money and fame to tell parables of my abiding love for them… if I were God…which I’m not.

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When I was a young person, and totally without Christ and totally immersed in this same world as little Noah Cryis, what spoke to me was GOD's holy and true word. No compromis. Hey, satanists are not compromising their beliefs: they are not sitting around debating whether they should go to a Christian church or not, just in case they didn't get it right or something. They only reason they go to a churh is to infiltrate it.
It's time for Christians to stop compromising: that would really speak to powerful satanist.

I am so shocked. Jred great find. I am a christian mum whose daughter loves both those "idols" . I have shown these to her. We will talk more on this.There is no way Kevin Jonas wouldnt know what he was doing here-no way. What on earth does this imply? Jred can u shed some light on this? Why would Kevin wear this tshirt? Hes not a could he be ignorant of this...


this more to the point, and shows where the world is gone wrong!
most of the music biss. is run and manipulated by the luciferian controllers. also from everything I
have read from the illuminati escapeies, the country music seen is a huge front for child porn.

nice job on this!!!

you also made some good points


pathetic like everything else that goes on these days..absolutley pathetic..i het to be so negative..but i guess it's not me it's reality

All you need to know about the music biz you can read at


Not music related, but a video and a website worth checking out...


"Friendship with the world is enmity to God."

"Come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and recieve not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities."