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Yes, that's a provocative title on a Christian blog but not nearly as provocative as what I want to briefly write about.

I spent some time on iTunes today looking for some new songs to purchase and download onto my wife's iPod as a surprise for Christmas.

Because I rarely listen to FM Radio anymore even when I'm in the car (I'm usually listening to AM Talk Radio or my iPod instead) I was curious to see what all the worldly kids are listening to these days. Boy was I surprised!

No, not by the names of the artists and bands that appeared on the 'Top 10 Downloads' chart (most of them I knew), but by the title and subject matter of EVERY SONG on that list!

Have a look:

1. Tik Tok - Ke$ha
2. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
3. Empire State of Mind - Jay Z (featuring Alicia Keys)
4. Reply - Iyaz
5. Fireflies - Owl City
6. Hell Breaks Loose - Eminem (featuring Dr. Dre)
7. How Low - Ludacris
8. Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas
9. Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo
10. Down - Jay Sean (featuring Lil Wayne)

I was struck by the subject matter of several new albums released recently too that didn't appear on that list -- infidelity, sex, drugs, and strippers!

Look, let me be clear that I don't want to judge those who create this kind of stuff and make a comfortable living off of it, or those who buy and listen to such things regularly (that's our Heavenly Father's job) beyond merely pointing out how explicit and pervasive it all is today.

Besides, Lord knows that back in the day I was directly ensnared by this type of lifestyle and if it weren't for the grace of our Heavenly Father there's no telling how different my life would be today.

In fact, I still have to be careful not to be in situations were certain songs and/or types of music are played because it's a powerful force not only reminding me of my past lifestyle, but one that attempts to entice back into that frame of mindset again. We all know that once the temptation to sin takes root in the heart and mind without us taking every thought captive to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5) that's when we're in trouble.

Yes, sex and drugs have always been a part of pop culture (particularly a part of pop music) since the very beginning, but it just seems to be getting more and more graphic by the day. Mrs. JRed and I often wonder what types of things people will be singing about and performing on stage in a post-Lady Gaga world when our children are teenagers. I shudder at the thought.

Still, if there was any doubt about how far our culture has fallen all you need to do is turn on the radio and listen to just about any song that comes on.

Remarkably, these performers today have a way of taking the most graphic sexual content and making it 'acceptable' by simply making it sound like a 'love song'. Others are more direct in their approach since they'll tell you EXACTLY what they feel, see, smell, taste, and think while witnessing such behavior they're singing about in the various bars and clubs.

It's also a shame that far too many people think that Christian music can't be 'cool' or that it can't make you wanna get up and dance and sing like the songs on the above list. Believe it or not, Christian Hip-Hop is not an oxymoron! I may have written about this before, but I'm ecstatic by the way in which the Lord is using the Christian Rap scene to reach a world that's addicted to that kind of music even though their version contains all the wrong messages that only appeal to the flesh.

Case in point, here are just a few examples of some popular Christian Hip-Hop artists that also happen to be some of my favorites. Pay close attention to not only the lyrics, but to the beats as well because I think that any teenager or young adult who's into this sort of music could appreciate artists like this if they only knew they existed. Plus, take a look at some of these videos. The creativity on display rivals anything put out by the secular world!

These are some of my favorites that I highly recommend in this genre:

Praying For You - Lecrae
(I can't even begin to describe how this song affects me on a deep, personal level every time I listen to it. Be sure to listen all the way through to the end.)

Joyful Noise - Flame (Featuring Lecrae & John Reilly)

Real Vision - Trip Lee (Featuring Tedashii)

Don't Waste Your Life - Lecrae (Featuring Cam)

Lose My Soul - tobyMac

My Lane - Dre Murray

Daddy's Girl - KJ 52

Dishes - Flynn Adam

Nuisance - John Reuben

Impossible - Manafest

Hittin' Curves - Grits

Give Us The Truth - Flame

Like Christ - Flame

I strongly recommend that if you still need to get some shopping done for a teenager or young adult in your life who loves music, then you should refrain from getting them what they really want (i.e. Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, etc.) and get them what they really need.

Trust me, if you hand them a CD that combines the Gospel with their kind of music they may never be the same. It just might change their life like it did mine.

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jred, you don't know the half of it!!
and keep in mind Im not one of those people that goes around calling non Christians "devil worshipers!" but those artist you mentioned are all DEEPLY involved in some kind of kabal with jay-z at the head of it.
please check this out and tell me what you think.
It really blew my mind how blatantly satanic they all are.

Having been a youth pastor before I cannot agree more with your subject matter here.
There are so many good alternatives for listening to music - no matter what the style.
Folks need to understand the depth of the occult influence on mainstream music - just like it has in Hollywood. It is not something to take lightly. What we put into our minds is either helping us - or hindering us.



It's the truth, for sure. We have a teen daughter and pre-teen boys and it's getting so hard to guard their hearts from the battering and constant influences of a world gone dark.

My daughter was singing an "oldie" one day and some friends of hers was teasing her because in her innocence, she did not realize what the lyrics were talking about. Let's just say it was an old Billy Idol (hmm) song that I didn't even know she knew. But the lyrics were euphamisms for sexual acts. It was bad enough when we all realized that way back when. today, however, euphamisms are out the window and it's just straight talk designed to desensitize and numb them into accepting things they wouldn't normally accept.

And unfortunately, even though she didn't realize, her "worldly" friends did and were quick to inform her. So, another bit of innocence lost. I can only hope that God will use that lost innocence for His good and that perhaps she can find a way to turn this into a positive.

These things have opened doors that I would never have dreamed possible (for another day...).

They say music soothes the savage beast. And based on my own experiences with music, I can tell you that there are songs to suit every mood. I used to have cassette tapes set up by mood,even (remember those, lol). We really need to pay attention to what is coming into our homes and ask ourselves if it glorifies God. Like you, not judging, but I have found there are a lot less problems (attitudes, etc.) in my own heart when I listen to praise and worship versus worldly music. It cleanses and uplifts the atmosphere in my home.

K&T Zimmerman