A Government For The People?

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The US political landscape: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The truth of the matter? The gap between the "Elites" and "You-And-Me" looks like this...

Half Of Congress Members Are Millionaires

About 1 Percent Of All Americans Are Millionaires

Still think that elected officials -- from any political party -- truly represent "We The People"?

I didn't think so.


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This is a MUST listen to.


Glenn Beck says, that the govt hoping we will rise up against it.


All hell is breaking loose in Korea. God be with us all.


I sure hope my gut senses are wrong and I pray MERCY upon all around me in YESHUAs name amen.


there is a portion of those in the gov. that would like us to rise up.
the bushes the cheanys the military industrial complex.
only to murder people and increase their profit margines.

this is another pressure test to see how far they can push the people before they resist!!!

the sooner we resist the better because they could not handle a real revolution and they know it!!!
the real controllers behind the the curtin have only one fear and that is a revolution.

you see they are not stupid in a worldly sense, they are only 1% of the population. what chance would they have if the other 99% woke up and revolted? especialy if GOD was on our side!!!

GOD help your true children, and comfort them in this time of tribulation!!! if it is in your will. amen


HERE is a very good video from a retired General about the direction the government is leading the people or sheeple and its not looking very promising. I dont think I feel fearfull its more like waiting for something to happen. Iam not afraid because our magnificent God knows the end from the beginning and thats a huge tactical advantage, I know that whatever he allows or Doesn't allow is for the best case senario for us his heirs. We were created to be companions for God for him to express his Love to someone, to be Honoured and loved back thats what God is. He is that invisible feeling that can be so strong, that for love of that other person you would be willing to give your own life. You cant see Love you can't hold it in your hand but the love you feel for another person is a real thing, and it all comes from God who is Pure Love and exists to Love.
I pray God helps us all in the Future as we await his return.

here is video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Z7w3ZEbC09k

This North Korea/South Korea/China/Taiwan/Middle East/America scenario sent a chill up my spine. I'd read a portion of it before on Cutting Edge's website, but not the full scenario as outlined on The End Times Forecaster blog. Wow! With North Korea's attack today, we are running full speed with Bible prophecy in this area, I believe:

"North Korea and the Antichrist"