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The truth of the matter...

"When I came out from solitary confinement and was with other prisoners and heard them speaking, I wondered why they spoke! So much of our speech is useless. Today men become acquainted with each other and one will say, “How do you do?” and the other answers, “How do you do?” What is the use of this? Then one will say, “Don;t you think that the weather is fine?” and the other thinks, and says, “Yes, I think it is fine.” Why do we have to speak on whether the weather is fine? We do not take earnestly the word of Jesus who says that men will be judged not for every bad word, but for every useless one."

-- Richard Wurmbrand (1909–2001)

Please stay tuned and come back again because later this week we'll be spending a lot of time with Richard Wurmbrand.


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Jeff, its funny that you posted this one today! One of the brothers in our Church is from Kenya and during greeting time this morning he was saying How do you do?" while greeting others. Here in Kansas they usually say "Hiya doing?" so one of the native Kansans thought that was a funny saying. The Kenyan man said that in Kenya, the culture is British since his country was once a British colony. Everything is basically done the British way including driving on the right side. He told me it took him a good while to get used to how we speak here in the states.