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This is absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful and I pray that it will leave you praising Him for His divine, undeserved grace to the point where it also motivates you to want to live in obedience to Him. That's the effect it's had on me for sure. Enjoy!

"Come...And He Will Set You Free!"

As a couple of commenters put it in response to hearing that...

"I have grown leery of story-telling in the context of preaching -– having spent years in churches wherein the stories were the message. This story was a beautiful illustration of the Truth, ought to cause every blood-bought child of God to consider his ways."

"Given so great a salvation as ours, and considering the manifold sufferings of the King of Glory as He hung on the tree in our place, it is to our shame that our eyes, hearts, prayer, and praise are so very often so very dry."

I couldn't agree more.

All the more reason for us to ask ourselves "Am I A Good Person?" and "Am I Saved?" before it's too late because none of us knows when we'll take our last dying breath.


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I hope you don't mind...I'm taking this and posting on FB and using on my blog, too. Thanks, it's excellent.



Of course you can! It is beautiful, isn't it? Spread the Word!

In Christ,
Jeff ("JRed")