Richard Wurmbrand's Testimony

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Tomorrow, I'll publish a review on Richard Wurmbrand's 1967 book Tortured For Christ.

Here's a good summary of what was written in case you want the "CliffsNotes" version...

"A faith that can be destroyed by suffering is not faith."
-- Richard Wurmbrand (1909–2001)

I know I've been sharing a few quotes attributed to him here and there over the past week or so, but today I thought we could take some time to actually hear some of the things he said when he was still alive.

By the way, please don't misunderstand any of these posts on Wurmbrand and erroneously conclude that I'm somehow elevating him to a cult-like, worship status. God forbid!

No, it's just that his testimony is something that has impacted me greatly, and given where we are on God's prophetic timeline today, I feel as if stories like his will become commonplace in the near future; not just for our brothers and sisters abroad, but for the rest of us too.

The time for spiritual preparation is almost over. We need to be encouraged and strengthened by stories like his; stories of a victorious faith despite despicable conditions and overwhelming odds. That's why I feel moved to share so much of his life's experience with all of you lately.

Anyway, here are some excellent videos of Wurmbrand whose words ring true even now -- some 40+ years later -- because the truth he speaks is rooted in the immutable truth of God's Word.

"Tortured For Christ" Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand: Solitary Confinement

Richard Wurmbrand: A Church In Chains
(NOTE: While I emphatically disagree with Wurmbrand's comments about the "human heart" in this clip at one point, it's still a good one overall to include in this group especially when he answers the reporter's question...)

Richard Wurmbrand: Blessings From Suffering

What a testimony!

Many forget that while the "Iron Curtain" may have fallen, persecution is still present in many, many countries particularly within the Muslim nations where there is NO FREEDOM to worship the One True God of Heaven and Earth!


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I thought I'd share this with you.
The truth is still out there for those who think that we are alarmist in warning people that the time of judgment is at hand.

For sure! only one can endure this by the grace of YESHUA!
And it is not that there is no pain, but pain with a peace that passes all understanding. "lean not on your own understadning".

Some of us have suffered emotionally and spiritually as we left the institutional churchs, along with friends and family. We've been ridiculed for not celebrating xmas and easter. We've shared dreams and visions, and Words and were told we were silly....

I am certainly no where near as brave as the woman who was arrested on her wedding day. But I have had occasion where I have suffered a solitary confinement of sorts; a lonliness that only the 'wilderness' affords those who have left everything to trust the LORD...

True that Anon! I think I saw that video a few months ago, so what are things like right now?

I've always wonder why we haven't been persecuted here like in other countries. I don't believe it's all about the physical government in power but rather more about the spiritual power in charge of the country.

Other countries were never able to conquer Israel until their Sin Cup was full. Balaam could not curse Israel when they were righteous.

I fear for our country for we have much prosperity and have need for little.

How often do we think of our poor brothers and sisters who are being persecuted every day? Doesn't the scripture say that when one member is hurt we all are hurt? These people have one thing we can learn from, a very deep and committed love for Yahshua.

I confess I'm guilty of not thinking about them as I should, just praying now and then. And then I think who's going to pray for us when our turn comes?

Forgive me Yahshua and in your name always let me remember these brothers and sisters in my prayers.

I pray that we always will remember that we are all of one body and may our cup over runneth with love.

Here's a blog about Christians being persecuted. Thought it might help to bring to mind that others in the Body are being hurt for the faith.

Plus it might help in directing your prayers.

1Jo 3:1 For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.