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Halloween: My Will Or His Will?

Posted by Jeffrey K Radt ("JRed") | Posted in , , , , , , , , , | Posted on Sunday, October 31, 2010


Be careful what you pray for especially if it involves asking God to remove the things in your life that He detests that you've been ignoring or rationalizing (or never even knew existed). I learned that lesson the hard way this week. In fact, I'm still learning that lesson as I type this.

While the catalyst, the tipping point, was Halloween and whether or not we as Christians have any business to be celebrating it no matter how much we "dress it down" to feel better about things, the core issue is what it has always been with me.

Let me be clear. I'm a hypocrite. I've been living like a hypocrite for far too long and never realized it until this week. No, not just about Halloween, but about so many other things in my life (certain thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, etc.) that I allowed to take root in my life and in my family even though I should know better. In that sense, I have failed my Lord, my wife, my children, my family, my friends, all of you, and myself.

The Bible is clear when it warns us...

Hebrews 10:26-29 (NIV) If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace?

This is what the unpardonable sin ultimately accomplishes.

Through willfully practicing sin, the sinner rejects the very basis of his covenant with God -- the shed blood of Jesus Christ. If one deeply appreciates and values His sacrifice, he will not willfully practice the very actions that made that sacrifice necessary.

God forgives with the understanding that the one forgiven has turned from sin and will continue to overcome it. That's what repentance is all about. It is not just changing one's mind about sin and getting to the point where you intellectually know what God says about what He considers "right" and what He considers "wrong". Repentance is taking that new knowledge and then actively TURNING AWAY from such things!

I haven't been doing that like I thought I was for so long and so this harsh reality that He's just now bringing to light is impacting me greatly. Praise the Lord for that!

When God designed this creation, He considered His purpose along with our free-moral agency, right? He concluded that He had to devise a payment for sin so profound in its implications that the heirs of salvation (that's you and me), out of overwhelming gratitude, would drive themselves (ourselves) from sin.

Such a price of redemption could not be the death of any common person or animal, for these have neither the worth nor the ability to pay for all sin. Only the sacrifice of the sinless God-man, Jesus Christ, could meet these qualifications.

Read those verses above again please. What we see in Hebrews 10:26-29 is the end of a person who, by the very conduct of his life, reveals his pitiful assessment of that sacrifice. The author makes a three-fold indictment against this person. First, they repudiate the oath taken at baptism. Second, they contemptuously reject Christ. Third, they commit an insulting outrage against the merciful judgment of God. I don't want to be that person any longer!

Sure, no one will ever live a perfect life. The only One who could and who did was Jesus Christ Himself. But what do we read in the Scriptures folks?

We read over and over again about how we are to AT LEAST TRY, right? We should try and strive to become more like Him from the very moment we become born again to our last dying breath!

Yes, we will stumble along the way and fall into sin every now and then, but that shouldn't mean that we ever stop trying to live obediently to Him. God forbid! We must simply try to walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk or else our faith is worthless.

This is not some "Works Based Theology" I'm writing to all of you about today. It's pure, unadulterated Biblical truth my friends!

James 2:17 (NIV) In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

James 2:20 (NIV) You foolish man, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless?

James 2:26 (NIV) As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

See what I mean? And we haven't even looked at the "by their fruits you shall know them" verses either!

So my response to Halloween today has been to ask the following key questions...

Is Halloween that important? What is so valuable about costumes and pumpkins and candy that it can't be renounced for this God who loves us so much? I've read articles in which people say things like, "I'm not going to let Satan take away my fun." What is Satan's "fun" except another name for "sin"? What is Satan's "fun" compared to the joy of the Lord?

The natural response I've received from loved ones has been one of a mocking condescension. Yes, even from self-proclaimed "Christians" believe it or not. What they fail to realize is that it's not me they're mocking; it's God and His holy Word.

To reply to such critical questions like the ones I wrote above in jest with things like...

"Jeff, you celebrated Halloween and you turned out just fine. You're a Christian. So, what's the big deal? Is anyone really going to go to Hell because they trick-or-treat one night of the year? It's not like people are handing out Satanic Bibles or teaching the kids spells when they go around to each door. Stop trying to steal the fun from your kid's lives! They only get to live once! They only have one childhood anyway! Besides, if you build the proper Christian foundation then what do you have to worry about then?"

Where do I even begin? My heart broke to hear such things.

My kids are 4 and 5 years old. I agree 100% about "building the proper Christian foundation", but the irony is that that's PRECISELY what I'm trying to do here. How can no one see that?

How can anyone lecture me about how to raise my own children that God entrusted into my specific care for Him and His purposes? I have a right and a responsibility to lead by example and teach them the truth regardless of what others think.

Plus, aren't I still building that "Christian foundation" with them being as young as they are? You bet I am! People have made it sound like it's already built when I'm trying to teach them now what I want them to think, what God Himself thinks, about certain things like Halloween.

As "Christians", how does any of what the Scriptures say about things connected to Halloween not make you feel even SLIGHTLY guilty? How does it not make you want to at least explore the topic and discuss it further?

Forget about the Scriptures for a moment. What about the FACT that people and animals around the world will be kidnapped, abused, tortured, and used in Satanic ritual sacrifice today and tonight? I hate to break it to ya, but Satan is just as real as God is, and there are MILLIONS of people out there (some even in your own local community) who are practicing Occultists/Pagans/Satanists/Wiccans and they do these types of things ON THIS DAY because it's what their twisted belief system and god tells them to do. You're ok with that though, right? As long as you or your kids don't do it it's fine then, right? Wrong.

All I'm trying to do is share the truth so that I don't have to answer to God about why I let my dear loved ones continue to go on thinking something that wasn't true when I should've known better. It's not like I've gone around and every time Halloween came up this past week I made a comment about it or sounded off on all the verses that speak about this.

No! I made one innocent comment ("You know, I'm really feeling guilty about celebrating Halloween for a number of reasons and think we should maybe talk about it some...") and World War III erupted. It hurts, but it's not surprising. I get it. I know that we're told to expect such things. It just stings even more because it's not coming from strangers, but it's coming from family and friends.

Look, it will be on me one day if I simply sit back and never say a word about stuff like this. I'll be held accountable and will have to answer to God myself if I just keep my mouth shut to avoid causing an argument or offending people. Gosh, Christianity is offensive! That's the point here.

To hear and see people (loved ones even!) make a joke and mock me (mock God's Word) for being concerned in the first place, is so sad and frustrating. It breaks my heart in two. To put them, or my own personal comfort level first would've been putting things before God, and, as a Christian, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a son-in-law, a brother-in-law, and a friend I cannot give in when I know something is wrong. I just can't and won't. I had to make a stand this time.

Like I said, Halloween is just the catalyst here. What this all boils down to is what EVERY SINFUL ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR boils down to, and it's at the root of the hypocrisy in my own personal life that I opened this piece with.

What is at the root? Are we living by our will or His will? Who is sovereign in this life we've been given? Is it the Creator or the creation?

Paul Washer: Are You Doing God's Will Or Your Own Will?

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Washer's so right! When he said, "The most dangerous prayer you can pray is, 'Lord, make me like Jesus Christ!' . . . It's practically calling a death sentence upon yourself", well, I can COMPLETELY identify with his assertion. It's true. Believe me.

Listening to that I'm reminded of my own wretched state despite how others might view me. Thank the Lord for bringing me to the truth and I thank Him for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

See, that's another thing. I don't want anyone to think that because of my stance on this issue today that I'm somehow suggesting that I'm better than everyone else. God forbid!

This past week has been one where the Lord is revealing all the wickedness that exists in my life that He wants me to deal with once and for all so that I too can stop living like a hypocrite. That's the message here.

We need to be willing to hold ourselves up to His Word and see what it reveals about us even if we detest what we see. Why? Because that's what will prove to us our need for a Savior from our sins, and what will force us to our knees in genuine, humble repentance to Jesus Christ over our sins. We need to regularly examine ourselves like we're commanded to, right? Of course we are.

But again, getting back to Halloween for a moment, if we call ourselves Christians then how can we not feel at least the slightest tinge of guilt over a day like today especially in light of the 5-minute message we just heard that goes hand-in-hand with this discussion?

I am not ashamed of God, or of His Word, or of how living the way He wants us to will make me look to the world, which is why I no longer care about what people think of me and my views about Halloween. I am living for His approval -- not man's approval, not my family's approval. People can think what they want and say what they want, but you know what? At the end of the day, I want my kids to see that their father takes his faith seriously so much so that he is actually willing to walk-the-walk (and not just talk-the-talk) no matter the personal cost! Otherwise, my faith is a sham because I'm not willing to pay the price for it or for the One who saved me and gave me eternal life.

I'm sorry that others near and dear to me might think that I'm such a "buzzkill" or "killjoy" or "crazy Christian" because of my views on this. I really am. I will continue to pray that God opens their hearts and minds to the truth.

I didn't know that not carving pumpkins, not going out trick-or-treating, or not getting candy would ruin my kids' lives and steal all the fun out of it.

I didn't know that "having fun" and not "pursuing righteousness" was the purpose of the Christian life. I didn't know that reading my Bible and trying to do what it tells me was so yesterday. Chalk another heresy up to the Purpose-Driven Life crowd I suppose who are living in The Shack.

I love my family and I love my kids. That's the whole point! It's why I decided to finally be courageous on this front this year instead of burying my head in the sand like in year's past.

I love them all, and they know that. But I pray that they don't continue to ask me to turn my back on God or His Word because I'll never do that. Whatever the cost, right?

Strangely enough, I'm now feeling closer to God than I have in quite a long time. Sad and beautiful at the same time.

I pray that this is the beginning of Him putting me on His true path for my life. I pray that He continues to shape me into the Christian He wants me to be.


Civil Law -- Notable Quotable

Posted by Jeffrey K Radt ("JRed") | Posted in , , , , , , , , | Posted on Sunday, October 31, 2010


As we gear up for the elections on Tuesday, may this truth from the 17th Century remain with us before we cast any votes...

"If you take away God, you take away conscience, and thereby all measures and rules of good and evil. And how can any law be made when the measure and standard of them are removed? All good laws are founded upon the dictates of conscience and reason, upon common sentiments in human nature, which spring from a sense of God; so that as the foundation is demolished, the whole superstructure must tumble down. A man then could be a thief, a murderer, an adulterer, and could not in a strict sense be considered an offender. The worst actions could not be evil, if a man were a god to himself, a law to himself."

-- Stephen Charnock (1628–1680)

No politician is going to save this nation or us. No political party is going to save this nation or us. No movement of the people is going to save this nation or us. You know that that task is reserved for our Sovereign Lord.

Repent! Judgment is coming!


A Giant Sign?

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No need to dissect this in a gazillion different ways. You people get it.

Besides, we've tackled sports symbolism in the past let alone symbolism in general that we seem to be finding in Pop Culture these days that instinctively make us think about our Lord Jesus Christ, our shared faith, and the end times.

That being said, did anyone else find this moment from the World Series...interesting?

43,000+ Giants Fans Sin Along In World Series Game 2

The band that sang the song being sung? Journey.

The song by the band that was being sung? "Lights".

The Giants' true playoff anthem this season? "Don't Stop Believing".

Don't Stop Believing

I don't have to explain the spiritual symbolism inherent in those words/phrases, do I? No, not with this group I'm sure.

All of that taking place in a city that's traditionally been viewed as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, and at a ballpark filled with people that worships idols (idols of sport) involving a team known as the Giants.

Was that a giant sign or is this forcing the issue on my part? Before you answer too quickly, isn't it something how the secular press is calling this team and their success "supernatural" too? Yes, I know we're coming up on Halloween, but still.

This is just too surreal! Check this out folks...

Giants’ Mastery Seems Supernatural

Divine intervention often saves itself for bigger things than a baseball team, though the San Francisco Giants pose quite the case for a dose of karmic assistance. More than five decades of losing earns a miracle or two, and the Giants cashed theirs in during a 9-0 thrashing of the Texas Rangers on Thursday in Game 2 of the World Series.

Physics was defied and old heroes were reborn and what materialized as a pitchers’ duel between the Giants’ Matt Cain and the Rangers’ C.J. Wilson devolved into an evening of the occult, fitting for a team that wears black and orange and could well win a championship Oct. 31. The Giants – the meager-hitting, pitching-centric, keep-around-the-Nitro-pills Giants – have scored 20 runs en route to victories in the Series’ first two games, and shortstop Edgar Renteria came up with as good an explanation as anyone: "It’s Halloween."

Close enough. The Giants resemble the undead to Rangers pitching, which coughed up seven runs in the eighth inning to turn a close game silly. Renteria, who delivered a World Series-winning hit – unlucky number alert – 13 years ago, crushed a tie-breaking home run in the fifth inning and added a two-run single when the floodgates opened later.

Is the writer consciously aware of all the loaded language he's using? Because here's what I read, saw, and thought about...

> "Divine intervention often saves" = Of course it does -- and always too!

> "karmic assistance" = Karma is bogus, but reaping and sowing isn't. This nation is about to reap for the unrepentant sins she's sown all these years.

> "a miracle or two" = Something tells me we'll all need one or two really soon.

> "9-0" was the final score = Impending doom, finality, or judgment?

It was just yesterday when I shared what E.W. Bullinger wrote about the number 9:

"The number nine is a most remarkable number in many respects. It is held in great reverence by all who study the occult sciences; and in mathematical science it possesses properties and powers which are found in no other number. It is the last of the digits, and thus marks the end; and is significant of the conclusion of a matter. It is akin to the number six, six being the sum of its factors (3x3=9, and 3+3=6), and is thus significant of the end of man, and the summation of all man's works. Nine is, therefore, the number of finality or judgment, for judgment is committed unto Jesus as "the Son of man" (John 5:27; Acts 17:31). It marks the completeness, the end and issue of all things as to man—the judgment of man and all his works."

> "old heroes were reborn" = False Christ? Antichrist? Nephilim? "Aliens"?

> "Matt Cain" = Made me think of the Bible's Cain and his bloodline

> "C.J. Wilson" = Made me think of "Christ Jesus" (only Jesus won't lose in the end!)

> "devolved into an evening of the occult" = Not surprising, is it?

> "black and orange" = Remember this post on the color orange?

> "Oct. 31" = Halloween/Occult-Pagan-Satanic dark high holy day

> "It's Halloween."

> "The Giants resemble the undead" = Yes, I suppose the Nephilim probably do.

> "unlucky number alert -- 13 years ago" = The number 13 is self-explanatory.

> "the floodgates opened later" = Correlation with the number 9? Are they about to?

See, now you know why this story caught my attention.

Regardless of whether or not this analysis is "right" or "wrong" is not the point. The point is that the end is near. Repent! Judgment is coming!

Pray for wisdom and discernment and cling to Christ!


How Do We Engage Culture?

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One of the current "crises" in our family and household these days is where to draw the line when it comes to celebrating various holidays.

Of course, Halloween is only a few days away and it has already sparked a fierce debate. You'd think it would be an open-and-shut case given what God's Word has to say about such things. I'll use the NIV to make it clear and straight-forward...

Deuteronomy 7:6 (NIV) For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. The LORD your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.

Deuteronomy 18:9-13 (NIV) When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God.

Ephesians 5:8 (NIV) For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light

1 Thessalonians 5:4-6 (NIV) But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled.

1 John 2:15-17 (NIV) Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world--the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does--comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

However, if you're human (and married with kids) then you know that it's much easier said than done despite all the stored knowledge of Bible verses like those, despite all the lip service, and even despite all the prior victories in the Culture War.

Anyway, all of this got me thinking today about how we're supposed to engage the culture we're living in. Specifically, I thought about the negative consequences of doing so the wrong way. After all, wrongly engaging the culture leads to what? Us adjusting the Gospel.

I think that many of us would agree that there's this propensity of so many Christians today to "engage the culture" in ways that are not Biblical.

Actually, in that sense, a more appropriate title for this post would be "How Do Christians Engage Culture The Biblical Way?" because that helps to refine our focus here.

Let's briefly examine what "engaging the culture" should be, and let's briefly show how current culture engaging methods may actually be counter-productive to the message of the cross.

Fortunately, the Lord led me to a brilliant Sermon on this subject from Thabiti Anyabwile who recently spoke at the "Together For The Gospel 2010" conference. Here's the video as well as some important notes I took from it (including a few thoughts of my own)...

T4G 2010 -- Session 4 -- Thabiti Anyabwile from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.

> Engage the culture? Change the culture? Transform the culture? Win the culture? Creating the culture? What is the role of the church in this context?

> There are obvious difficulties for sure. I mean, at what level are we attempting to do something? Should we be creating the "Christian Justin Beeber" for instance? Is that a good thing? Are we to be advocating certain political leaders, parties, and policies? Yes? No?

> If we do engage, then how do we know that we've "won" in our pursuits? What are the objectives and terms about engagement? After all, the Body of Christ seems extremely gung-ho about such things lately, which is why we must ask -- is this really what we're called to do?

> It's very important for us to think about what the Bible exhorts us to do. Consider Paul's letter to the Colossians (Colossians 1:24 - Colossians 2). If we set out to engage the culture -- whatever that means -- we will likely see in subtle and profound ways, the Gospel being "adjusted" if we're not careful. We may miss the deeper more important strategy of embodying the Gospel itself.

> Let's try to focus our thoughts on Paul's pastoral purpose -- what gets him up in the morning, what gets him going, what philosophy, wisdom, truth is animating his purpose? What practices flow from that view of life and the world?

> Paul's trying to make the Word of God fully known so that everyone might become mature in their faith. His purpose is that every Christian in the Body of Christ will embody Christ spiritually and conform to His image. He joyfully suffers for this purpose too. Is this our singular ambition and purpose too? Is this what we're consumed with? Because God is calling His people to become perfected in Christ!

> More on this truth about God calling His people to become perfected in Christ. Maybe we should focus on this first -- focus on ourselves; focus on becoming mature in Christ -- before we worry about trying to impact and change the world for Him.

> Religious leaders and teachers may sound right, but be entirely wrong! The Gospel is not about anything else than what Paul tells us it's about here in Colossians. Otherwise, all we're hearing from the pulpit these days is "goal displacement" and although it sounds plausible, although it sounds right, although it makes sense it's not what the Gospel is all about! "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth" (Colossians 3:2), right?

> Goal displacement. Are we about preaching the "Social Gospel" or the Salvation Gospel? Are we more concerned with preaching politics or preaching the cross?

> A lot of goal displacement is sold to us under the banner of God. Surely, it's right to engage the culture, to change the culture, right? I mean, that's what the Kingdom is bringing, right? Are you sure about that perspective?

> Paul writes to us and says "Wait a minute!" His point was that the Kingdom of God is focused on this minimum -- that individuals must repent and believe the Gospel message! If you're inclined to doubt such a view (or if you're ok with the way in which Christians are engaging the culture these days), history repeatedly tells us that when we "intensify" and/or "enlarge" the Gospel (expand it to include various cultural, political, and social concerns), that's when so many things are driven into the church that take us away from the Gospel, take us away from our maturing in Christ, and ultimately take us away from our calling.

> Paul writes to address the church -- not the culture -- despite the fact that those days were very similar to our own. He addresses his letters to Christians -- not to the electorate or the politicians. He wants God's people to understand this issue. We're either consistent with the Gospel, or inconsistent with the Gospel.

> So, how do we live appropriately in the midst of a fallen, sinful culture? Read Colossians 2:9 for the answer. In Christ!

> Verse 8 is pretty definitive. "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ" (Colossians 2:8/NIV) When it comes to our philosophy of Christian life (and even ministry) of cultural the question is -- "Are we captured by Christ?" or "Are we captured by worldly philosophy or tradition?" Is it the world we hear, or the Gospel (and Christ) we hear?

> Remember that Satan is always trying to camouflage his real intentions. In fact, it's the "fine sounding arguments" that we should always be wary of as Christians.

> We are Gospel men and women! We are stewards of the Gospel! We are appliers of the Gospel! We are preachers of the Gospel!

> We must be ruthless in marrying the mission of the church with the Word of God and the Gospel!

Now, I understand that his Sermon didn't specifically address Halloween. However, the annual debate over whether or not Christians should participate in the celebration of Halloween is part of the Culture War, and that's why I wanted to look into this today. I know the Lord's not done with me and this topic (Halloween) just yet so please stay tuned for more to come I'm sure.

I pray that this study today will make you rethink what you’ve been conditioned to believe about our role as believers in relation to how we are to engage the culture.

I know I'm fond of urging us to "practice what we preach" and to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk", but I have to admit that I've been struggling with that in this particular area.

I know the truth. I know what we should do (or shouldn't be doing). The sad part is that I've succumbed to sinful behavior by doing what so many have done to rationalize sin -- I've caught myself saying "It's no big deal..." and that makes me sick!

I'm admitting this publicly in this forum to all of you because I think it's important for Christians to not hide their sins whenever they should fall and stumble from time to time. Plus, dragging sin out into the open and into the light should take away some of its power. Repenting of them quickly and sincerely before Jesus Christ will lead to grace, mercy, forgiveness, and restoration.

Lord, have mercy on me and forgive me! Continue to work on my heart and mind as well as the hearts and minds of my family members, friends, and anyone else who's reading this who happens to be struggling with the same things.

Help me to see that it is a big deal.

Help me to be obedient to you in the areas of my life where I should know better.

Help me to turn away from fables and tales that tickle sinful ears and instead look with rejoicing and humility unto Jesus Christ -– He, as described in the Bible, is unique and alone is sufficient for all things.

Help me to be an example to the world because that's the best way to engage the culture in this day and age.


I Am Number 4 (And I'm Not Surprised)

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The hits keep on coming. But don't worry because it's all "just entertainment", right?

Not surprisingly, there's a new movie coming out early next year (or in a few months) that has something else to say about the whole "Alien/UFO" thing.

Here's the latest in the mass conditioning movement that's being described as "Rebel Without A Cause...With Aliens" courtesy of Hollywood...

I Am Number 4 Trailer

The teaser trailer for the book (which the movie is based on) is even more revealing I think...

I Am Number 4 Book Teaser Trailer

Interesting, huh?

Maybe now is a good time to share how the film's Producers are none other than "Mr. Alien Gospel" himself, Steven Spielberg, and even Michael Bay!

Is anyone else noticing a major shift in the message here too? It seems like the last several "Alien/UFO" films (and TV shows) have presented the "extraterrestrials" as not only being identical in appearance to human beings (as opposed to some grotesque creature like many of the earlier renditions), but also as being either "good" or "bad", which elicits a definite emotional response (not to mention Biblical interpretation) from us, does it not?

This is very important I think in connection with the deception that's coming. Very important.

For instance, here are a few of my observations including a brief overview of I Am Number 4...

– "Lorien" is a planet.

– The "Lorien Guard" sent 9 children to Earth to protect them when their planet was attacked and destroyed by an invading force. They're the "good Aliens" in this story.

– People are trying to kill the kids. They being chased by "Mogadorians", or the ones who attacked and destroyed planet Lorien, and who are now hunting down any remaining survivors. The Mogadorians are a group trying to take over the galaxy. Obviously, they're the "bad Aliens" in this story.

– The Loriens on Earth have powers. They’re called "Legacies". Powers include invisibility, being able to shoot beams of light from your hands, and many others. As you get older, you get more Legacies. No one knows how many Legacies you might eventually get.

– You can only kill the Loriens in order. There are 9 of them on Earth. That is why the Mogadorians are after Alex Pettyfer…it’s because he is #4 and the first 3 have already been killed.

– Every Lorien on Earth has a "Sepan" (a "guardian"). Sepan’s are like Navy Special Forces. They can kick plenty of butt, but they don’t have any super powers (Legacies).

> Interestingly enough, the main character ("Number 4") begins the story living in Florida (gee, I wonder if it's in Miami?) and then moves to Paradise, OH. How appropriate to our recent studies, huh?

> In addition, the lead character is played by a 20-year-old British actor who strongly resembles Prince William who himself has been long rumored to be a candidate for the coming Antichrist. The symbolism runs rampant!

While I know that’s a lot to take in, all you really need to know is a group of "Aliens" have landed on Earth. They’re trying to survive. People are after them. The one that’s being targeted currently goes to High School in Ohio. He’s recently met a girl. All he wants is to fit in and to stop moving around. Just as he finally gets happy, he starts to get his powers (Legacies) and the Mogadorians have finally found him. This is I Am Number Four.

Allow me to touch upon the obvious for a moment.

Here's what E.W. Bullinger wrote about the number 4 in Scripture...

Now the number four is made up of three and one (3+1=4), and it denotes, therefore, and marks that which follows the revelation of God in the Trinity, namely, His creative works. He is known by the things that are seen. Hence the written revelation commences with the words, "In-the-beginning God CREATED." Creation is therefore the next thing—the fourth thing, and the number four always has reference to all that is created.

It is emphatically the number of Creation; of man in his relation to the world as created; while six is the number of man in his opposition to and independence of God.

It is the number of things that have a beginning, of things that are made, of material things, and matter itself. It is the number of material completeness. Hence it is the world number, and especially the "city" number.

The fourth day saw the material creation finished (for on the fifth and sixth days it was only the furnishing and peopling of the earth with living creatures). The sun, moon, and stars completed the work, and they were to give light upon the earth which had been created, and to rule over the day and over the night (Gen 1:14-19).

Four is the number of the great elements—earth, air, fire, and water.

Four are the regions of the earth—north, south, east, and west.

Four are the divisions of the day—morning, noon, evening, and midnight. Or in our Lord's words, when He speaks of His coming at evening, midnight, cock-crowing, or in the morning (Mark 13:35). We are never to put off His coming in our minds beyond tomorrow morning.

Four are the seasons of the year—spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Four are the great variations of the lunar phases.

In Genesis 2:10, 11, the one river of Paradise was parted, and became into four heads, and "the fourth river is Euphrates." Here, as so often elsewhere, the four is made up of 3 + 1. For three of these rivers are now unnamed, while one is still known by its original name "Euphrates."

Four marks division also. For the river was "parted." It is the first number which is not a "prime," the first which can be divided. It is the first square number also, and therefore it marks a kind of completeness as well, which we have called material completeness.

Now, remember that in this fictional universe there are (were) 9 "Loriens" in the beginning.

Here's what Bullinger wrote about the number 9 in Scripture...

The number nine is a most remarkable number in many respects. It is held in great reverence by all who study the occult sciences; and in mathematical science it possesses properties and powers which are found in no other number.

It is the last of the digits, and thus marks the end; and is significant of the conclusion of a matter.

It is akin to the number six, six being the sum of its factors (3x3=9, and 3+3=6), and is thus significant of the end of man, and the summation of all man's works. Nine is, therefore, the number of finality or judgment, for judgment is committed unto Jesus as "the Son of man" (John 5:27; Acts 17:31). It marks the completeness, the end and issue of all things as to man—the judgment of man and all his works.

Now, for emphasis on all of this, isn't it quite interesting that we have "I Am" (a reference to God as evidenced by Exodus 3:14) associated with the one number that represents "The Creation/The World" if we were to break down the title into two parts? And who is the father of this world? Precisely my point.

"I Am" = God

4 = Creation; World

The "I Am" is "The Creation Itself/The World Itself"

* Thus, the message here is that we are to worship the creation over the Creator and because we are part of His creation we are worthy of worship because we are gods ourselves too (or so Satan and the world is constantly trying to tell us). How subtle!

Isn't that just like Satan and his demonically-inspired subjects in Hollywood? Leave it to him to mimic, mock, and ridicule our Lord each and every chance that he can.

Be sure to put I Am Number 4 on your spiritual radar. Last I read, it's supposed to be released in February 2011 so I'd expect to see more news (maybe even a new trailer) for this film in the days and weeks ahead.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.


Rigged Voting: Just In Time For Election

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This is a good companion piece to our last journey into the political realm I think.

A majority of us who are students of Bible prophecy let alone students of God's Word believe and accept the fact that nothing in politics is random because nothing in life is random since it's all under control of our Sovereign Lord.

In fact, this is true despite what Franklin D. Roosevelt revealed...

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

Both truths will serve as the foundation for today's piece. Bottom line? God is in control -- no matter what we do or don't do in this life.

On October 5th, 2010, this was the headline carried in the mainstream news...

DC's Online Voting System Hacked, Plays College Fight Song After Each Vote

Last week, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics opened a new Internet-based voting system for a weeklong test period, inviting computer experts from all corners to prod its vulnerabilities in the spirit of "give it your best shot." Well, the hackers gave it their best shot -- and midday Friday, the trial period was suspended, with the board citing "usability issues brought to our attention."

Here's one of those issues: After casting a vote, according to test observers, the Web site played "Hail to the Victors" -- the University of Michigan fight song.

"The integrity of the system had been violated," said Paul Stenbjorn, the board's chief technology officer.

Stenbjorn said a Michigan professor whom the board has been working with on the project had "unleashed his students" during the test period, and one succeeded in infiltrating the system.

The fight song is a symptom of deeper vulnerabilities, says Jeremy Epstein, a computer scientist working with the Common Cause good-government nonprofit on online voting issues. "In order to do that, they had to be able to change anything they wanted on the Web site," Epstein said.

Because of the hack, Stenbjorn said Monday, a portion of the Internet voting pilot -- which was expected to be rolled out this month -- is being temporarily scrapped.

The program, called "digital vote by mail," is intended to allow military or overseas voters to cast secure absentee ballots without having to worry whether the mail would get them back to elections officials before final counting. Those voters, about 900 of them, still will be able to receive blank ballots via the Internet for the Nov. 2 general election, but they will not be allowed to submit their completed ballots via the DVM system, Stenbjorn says. Instead, they'll have to put them in the mail or send them unsecured via e-mail or fax.

Fast forward to yesterday, October 26th, 2010 and we find these two news stories...

'I Went To Vote And Harry Reid's Name Was Already Checked'

Some voters in Boulder City complained on Monday that their ballot had been cast before they went to the polls, raising questions about Clark County's electronic voting machines.

Voter Joyce Ferrara said when they went to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, her Democratic opponent, Sen. Harry Reid's name was already checked.

Ferrara said she wasn't alone in her voting experience. She said her husband and several others voting at the same time all had the same thing happen.

"Something's not right," Ferrara said. "One person that's a fluke. Two, that's strange. But several within a five minute period of time -- that's wrong."

N Carolina: I Voted Republican And Machine Checked Democrat

A Craven County voter says he had a near miss at the polls on Thursday when an electronic voting machine completed his straight-party ticket for the opposite of what he intended.

Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern said he pushed the button to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result, he said. Then he asked for and received help from election staff.

“They pushed it twice and the same thing happened,” Laughinghouse said. “That was four times in a row. The fifth time they pushed it and the Republicans came up and I voted.”

M. Ray Wood, Craven County Board of elections chairman, issued a written statement saying that the elections board is aware of isolated issues and that in each case the voter was able to cast his or her ballot as desired.

Chuck Tyson, chairman of Craven County GOP, remains skeptical. He has been communicating with Wood about the issue and was invited to a meeting Wednesday with state elections officials. There were no further details about that meeting.

“Something is not right here,” Tyson told the Sun Journal. He said he “got two or three calls” from people describing the same problem while they were voting.

“I’ll be matter of fact, I didn’t find that press release satisfactory,” Tyson said, referring to Wood’s written statement.

Tyson reported other problems as well, including long lines waiting for just two voting machines in Havelock, and machines reporting 250 ballots cast where 400 voters had signed in to vote.

Well, isn't that just lovely? But surprising? Be honest. Not really.

Whenever Jesus was asked about the last days He always seemed to warn us about deception. In fact, the New Testament has a ton to say about deception being a hallmark of the end times.

The word "deceive" itself shows up 27 times in 27 verses in the King James Version; "deceived" 34 times in 31 verses; and "deceiving" 2 times in 2 verses. Also not surprising since the father of this world is the "Father of Lies" himself -- Satan.

All that being said, I guess this latest documentary should come as no surprise then. Did you know that voting was -- is -- rigged? Yes, despite our innate urge to want to relegate this to the "conspiracy" dustbin of our minds, I have a full documentary's worth of proof for the naysayers out there (even though I'll need only the first 10-20 minutes of the film to convince you of this sinister scheme; and Parts 6-7 are breathtaking n what they reveal).

The movie is actually more than a year old, and it mainly concerns itself with the elections in this country since 2000, but boy is it more relevant than ever today given the latest headlines and charges of "corruption" and "voter fraud" connected to these new Electronic Voting Machines.

That's our concern. What I want us to hone in on here is the skepticism over the use and reliability of the Electronic Voting Machines that are being employed nationwide.

It's broken into 7-parts on YouTube, but the first 2-parts will suffice here if you want to watch just enough to make a definitive judgment one way or another. Still, it's definitely worth every minute of your time especially if you are prone to immediately dismiss such allegations whenever they are made so you might want to watch the full presentation.

Here's a description for you...

The Clint Curtis Story is an incredible documentary which tells the story of a Computer Programmer who was contacted by a private company, with ties to convicted Chinese spies, to write a program that could be used to rig elections. What follows is the breaking of a massive conspiracy in which there would be hard evidence of vote manipulation via electronic voting machines -- whether using Curtis's program or the 20-year-old "bootloader hack", which, as show by students at Princeton University, could be loaded onto any of these machines in less than a minute; the sketchy firing of two employees (one being Curtis himself) from the Florida Department of Transportation; corrupt ties to leading members of Diebold (one of two companies responsible for vote counting in the US); and a dead Florida DOT investigator (Raymond Lemme RIP -- who was privately investigating the claims made by Curtis) who conveniently commited suicide in Georgia, where autopsies are not done on suicide victims, as opposed to Florida where an autopsy would have been automatic. What really happened in 2000 to Al Gore and Ohio and Florida, and again in 2004? Now you can finally know the truth, and it ain't pretty! Released in 2008, this film won a number of awards, including Best Documentary at the New Jersey film festival.

Instinctively, I know that there will be some people who are reading this who won't even watch any of the footage below. They know where they stand when it comes to politics and nothing's going to change their mind.

That's fine. It's fine, but only as long as you still maintain an "eternal" and "spiritual" perspective about things (politics) as opposed to an "earthly", "emotional", and "physical" one.

Furthermore, if you're a Christian then you shouldn't be afraid of anything much less the truth especially when it challenges your current entrenched position. The truth is the truth and we should embrace it no matter which side of the political aisle it favors.

My advice before watching this? Ignore the politicians and those with a political agenda. Instead, focus on the facts of this case. Focus on the testimony of Clint Curtis and evidence that's presented via the official court documents. The truth will set you free (John 8:32).

Lastly, don't look at this as an "anti-Republican" or "pro-Democrat" project. Look at this as an "anti-truth" or "pro-deception" project. That's what this is all about. As the Independent Journalist in the movie says, "It's not about Left and Right. It's about right and wrong." Amen!

'Nuff said. Here's the documentary in full...

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 1)

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 2)

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 3)

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 4)

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 5)

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 6)

Murder, Spies, And Voting Lies (PART 7)

For those of you who didn't take the time to watch the above documentary and prayerfully consider the implications before we all go to the polls next week, here are 2 clips of coverage by the mainstream press about a significant aspect of this entire case...

FOX News Exposes Princeton / Diebold Vote-Reversal Story

CNN: 1 Minute Diebold Memory Hack

CNN: Should E-Voting Machines Be Outlawed?

Boy, this has to make you feel good about the elections coming next week, huh?

As one blogger put it...

They are bent on having us vote. Why? By interacting with them we legitimize them. They require our participation for their existence. When the voting public begins to shrink as they realize that their vote means nothing, the billion dollar shampoo machine begins droning “vote for so an so if you want a real change”. This is “extermination by false expectation”. They don't care who you vote for, just as long as you vote and legitamize their tax scam. When voting participation drops below what is necessary for legitamacy, laws are then enacted which require your participation, eg Oz. For the good of the nation of course. Government is operated by unskilled rejects who have no desire nor ability to produce or invent. So ignore them an don't ask them for favors–advice. Thomas Dilorenzo explains, “belief in the Constitution is a lost cause. That's why its unpatriotic to vote”.

That's obviously a secular perspective, but there's more truth in that statement than there is in most of what's coming out of the mouths of "Christians" within the "Christian Patriot" slash "Tea Party Movement" lately. Something tells me I'll have more to say on that too in the next few days (God willing).

My point with all of this is to take another golden opportunity to remind us that we should be more concerned with preaching the Gospel in this late and urgent hour than about preaching politics especially when you consider the entire system is rigged and probably always has been.

Doesn't an expose like this emphasize the futility in making a "Restore Honor" or "Restore America" movement your top priority when we are commanded to preach the Gospel first and foremost? If you call yourself a "Christian", then that's the hierarchy you must follow -- God, then country, and not the other way around.

Doesn't an expose like this also force you to submit to His will by recognizing that God is sovereign -- not man? Therein lies the irony too. Yes, there's enough cold, hard proof to suggest that voting in this nation is rigged. However, even despite the sinister schemes of mankind, God is still in complete and total control and NOTHING happens (or is allowed to happen) apart from His sovereign will. Remember that.

Doesn't an expose like this also clearly demonstrate how Satan will use whatever he can (politics) to deceive and distract us from what's really important in this life (developing our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)?

It should. I pray that it has.


A Poor Man's Project Blue Beam

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A friend posted this on Facebook recently (thanks Rich S!) and I instantly thought about how this reminds me of a poor man's Project Blue Beam.

In other words, if you think this video is something, then just imagine what Blue Beam is capable of since it's backed by federal government agencies like NASA, the Military Industrial Complex, and privatized Big Business!

Ukrainian Spectacle

Doesn't it just remind you of one of the more famous prophetic verses in the Bible?

2 Thessalonians 2:9 (NIV) The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders,

I'm not sure if this is an old video that I'm just seeing for the first time, or a new one altogether.

Either way, the point is that we all know that the really "cool toys" that The-Powers-That-Be have at their disposal make this look like child's play.


Preachin' And Podcastin'

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It's been almost 3 full months since our last podcast -- of any kind.

As many of you know, I sensed the Lord leading me through a "Be Still" season that didn't make any sense at all at first, but now I understand the purpose behind it. In fact, while He's still most certainly asking me to "wait" in some areas, He's commanding me to "move" in others.

That being said, I'm pleased to announce that it's clear that He wants me to "move" by getting back out on the front lines so-to-speak to produce podcasts in addition to posts here as often as He helps me to do so in this late and urgent hour.

I'll continue to rest on Proverbs 16:9, but it's looking like we'll go LIVE with a broadcast sometime this week (maybe even sometime in the next couple of days).

Please note that Right Now Radio, Kingdom Bound Radio, and I Want To Believe Radio will each have a new home when they do finally return. Goodbye BlogTalkRadio, hello TalkShoe and PodOmatic!

The specific reasons why are not important, but suffice it to say that in these tight financial times it didn't make sense to keep paying money each month for something that "might work" as advertised.

In addition, I was getting frustrated by all the emails about problems accessing the show archives to download programs (sorry about that guys!) let alone all the mysterious "technical issues" being experienced by some of my fellow brothers and sisters who are broadcasting for the Lord on BTR.

Look, I hate to always sound so paranoid and like a conspiracy theorist, but I know for a fact that the non-Christian shows on BTR are not having the same struggles as many Christian shows are on a regular basis.

In any event, I wanted to keep the LUF community of believers informed so please make a note and keep an eye on things. In the meantime, thank you for your continued patience and prayers and feel free to browse the RNR Archives or the IWTB Radio Archives where you can listen to past shows and even download the MP3 files if you want to save them.

Thanks again and God bless you!


All Eyes On Miami?

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This will be a short one. Ok, "short" compared to previous studies in symbolism.

It's about the city of Miami, Florida. It's also about NBC's newest series called The Event, and a few other things that all seem to be trying to focus our attention on that place.

As for the television series, I haven't written much about it except to mention it here and there in previous posts or in comments to posts.

I mean, what else is there to say about a bad TV show (i.e. contrived storyline, bad acting, etc.) other than that we all know that it's merely the latest in a long line of "Predictive Programming" in the build-up to "Alien/UFO Full Disclosure"? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

[IMAGE SOURCE: Goro Adachi; Hosted On My Server Though]

As always, I will caution that I know that a lot of times these types of entries test one's patience given all the various threads that we attempt to tie together, but please try to work your way through this one without rushing because there's so much here that defies logic and mere "coincidence", and I think that MIGHT BE an important clue for us.

What does it have to do with? What's the important message we should all take away from reading today's post (if any)? REPENT! JUDGMENT IS COMING!!!


First, an admission, and a word of caution. Even though I've opened the last few "Studies In Symbolism" pieces with this type of introduction, I feel like this is something I must now include as standard fare in all future posts of this kind.

Yes, I know that studies in symbolism are highly subjective, and that can be dangerous. I get that. I also realize that this world can be distracting and that Satan will use whatever he can to keep us from doing the things that we should be doing; from setting our minds on the things that we should be setting our minds on.

At the same time, while we are not of this world, we're still in it. Personally, my intention here is that I want to try and point to the things going on in this world (even if they're HIGHLY SYMBOLIC in nature, esoteric, and open to one's own unique interpretation) and demonstrate not only how it MIGHT BE connected to the Bible's end times prophecies
(but only so far as it gets us students of end times Bible prophecy to consider the lateness of the hour based on what such symbolism reminds us of), but also WHAT IT WAS IN GOD'S WORD that it forced me to think about.

My thinking is the same as it's been since day 1 a little over 2 years ago in these parts. If I'm clear about this being MY ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF SIGNS AND SYMBOLS IN POP CULTURE AND THE WORLD AROUND US AS I PERCEIVE THEM (as opposed to it being a
"Thus sayeth the Lord..." type of pronouncement), and if such a study ultimately gets me to spend even more time watching and praying for Jesus' return, let alone more time in the Word studying it, then how bad can a process like this be?

From now on, however, I'll always feel it is necessary to openly state these things for anyone who's new to Look Up Fellowship, or for the rest of you who still have a problem with these kinds of studies In symbolism (if that's you, then you might also want to re-read what is written about what we do here in the "What We Believe" section of this website on the right hand side of the page).

An apology is in order too. I used to think that it's almost as if the good Lord is pulling out all the stops to "give us a head's up" about what's coming -- what's imminent -- and that He's putting these messages in all the things that we've sadly allowed to become False Idols in our lives like art, comics, music, movies, politics, pop culture, TV, and sports to name a few. Why? Because we've stopped reading His Word and therefore many of us are clueless about what we're told about what to expect in the coming last days.

How did I arrive at such a thought? Well, I know from what I read in the Bible that the Lord does, in fact, speak to us (and reveal Himself to us) through His creation. I reasoned,
"What are art, comics, music, movies, politics, pop culture, TV, and sports except an extension, or a part, of His creation?" and so that's why I was ok thinking that.

I also used to think that because of what we read in
2 Peter 3:9 (amongst other places) about God's character and love, that that somehow meant that perhaps He was using those aforementioned "extensions" of His creation because He was "desperately trying to get our attention" since we weren't giving Him the time of day.

That sounds good, right? It makes sense. But it's not Biblical. I couldn't find any verses that made me feel comfortable making such claims, or even insinuating such claims to all of you any longer.
Lord, have mercy on me for I have sinned! See, besides, once I began to study the Sovereignty of God, as well as the Doctrines of Grace, I realized that to hold on to any kind of position that said that God was speaking to us through such things because "He was desperately trying to get our attention..." renders Almighty God impotent! It takes away His sovereignty and puts it squarely in the hands of humanity!

To make such a vile assertion is to make it sound like He's just sitting up there on His throne, fingers crossed, hoping that we'll "finally get it" and "come to our senses" before it's too late. That flies in the face of all the passages in Scripture that speak to His sovereignty and grace and how He draws "the elect" to Him. It says that man has the freedom to "choose" or "reject" Jesus Christ, which would make Jesus a POTENTIAL Savior for some, and an ACTUAL Savior for no one. Again, how wrong I was!

No, He's not involved in most of this. Some of it, yes, but not as much as I've attributed to Him in the past I'm afraid. Not in the way that I have suggested for far too long. I can admit that. Please forgive me.

So, where do we go from here then? First, I wanted to redefine my position here for the record when it comes to studies In symbolism that you will find on LUF from this moment on. From this point forward, whenever I use the headlines, images, memes, stories, symbols, and themes we find in the world around us, it will ONLY be to use them AS A STARTING POINT for a study on end times Bible prophecy (in the sense that "this made me think of this today..."), and it will NEVER be with the caveat,
"Hmmm...Maybe God is trying to get our attention and trying to tell us something, huh?" because that's not right. Who the heck am I to speak for God Almighty or to even assume I know what He's saying with any kind of certainty?

Let me clarify. Yes, God is speaking to us, and many of us aren't paying attention or listening at all. I'm also not saying that He doesn't speak to us through events that He orchestrates. He does. I'm just saying that I'm personally going to "take it down a notch" when it comes to stating with any kind of authority that I "know" that this is what He's doing for certain. It's also why I'll also present these pieces with the title of the post in the form of a question. Again, who am I to claim such things? I'm nobody!

Let's begin by using the Word of God as our foundation before proceeding with today's study...

Matthew 10:16 (KJV) Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Ephesians 5:11 (KJV) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Proverbs 25:2 (KJV) It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

Luke 21:36 (KJV) Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Matthew 10:28 (KJV) And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Luke 21:28 (KJV) And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Where do we even begin?

Let's just start with the truth that will serve as the absolute foundation to everything we'll be looking at in this piece. It comes to us from Holy Bible and we should know it well let alone understand that it's a hallmark of these last days.

Of course, I'm talking about Jesus' own warning to "be not deceived" recorded for us throughout the Gospels in regards to this day and age.


Fascinating! Even a casual study of the various threads from Hollywood and Pop Culture over the years that all seem to tie a nice little bow around the city of Miami, FL reveals so much.

Please note that when I use the word "reveals" here I don't mean to imply for a single second that these types of columns (these "studies in symbolism") should trump (or even be placed on the same playing field as) Bible prophecy. Gosh no!

Again, these studies are SUBJECTIVE. Ok, so why do we engage in them then? Because I merely want to point out the things that I believe the Lord has placed in my life that He's used (seeminly meaningless, mundane, and random things of this world) that have merely served as gentle reminders of things I already know from what I've read in the Holy Bible about what's coming upon this world. That's all.

Could it be contrived in some cases? Sure. I'm not above admitting that. But even if it is, the goal is always the same -- to get us (myself) to recall Him, His Word, and His prophecies and keep my anchored to those things.

In any event, where should we start our journey? I know! Fans of E.W. Bullinger will appreciate these facts about the city of Miami...

>Miami holds the distinction of being "the only major city in the United States conceived by a woman, Julia Tuttle", who was a local citrus grower and a wealthy Cleveland native.
(NOTE: Unreal! Idea of "conception" stands out here as does the fact that she was from "Cleveland", which amazingly will tie in with the Lebron "King" James sports symbolism when he was signed by the Miami Heat as a Free Agent from the Cleveland Cavaliers!)

> The 42nd largest city in the United States

> In 2010, Miami ranked as the United States' 7th top global city from all the cities in the country, and ranked 33rd top global city in the world from all the cities in the world

> According to the ranking of world cities undertaken by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network (GaWC) and based on the level of presence of global corporate service organizations, Miami is considered a "beta world city"

So much to choose from that I could comment further on. Boy, that's some group of numbers though, huh? 42, 7, and 33.

What else? Remember this...

Will Smith - "Miami"

I get that including that song/video here might seem really out-of-place at this point, but what's intriguing about the apparent "convergence" is that we have Will Smith who resonates with Blair Underwood (who plays the US President in The Event), and both resonate with President Barack Obama.

Let's not forget that Will Smith is one of the newest members of Scientology, and I hope that it goes without saying how that "religion" COULD tie-in with any future "Full Disclosure" type of event unveiled upon the world stage.

And I'm not even going to get into the other Will Smith archetypes through the years that have conditioned us so much, but just quickly recall movies like Independence Day, Men In Black, I-Robot, Hancock, and I Am Legend to name a few and you get the idea.


We all sense it. In fact, we've been sensing it for such a long time. It's as if the other show is about to drop and we know that when it does it will not only make 9/11 look like child's play, but it will be prophetically relevant in a major way.

It's not just us either. Various non-Christian (non-religious even) forums are having the same feelings lately and it's this general sentiment of impending doom that has everyone on edge and on heightened alert.

The good news is that as Christians we live by faith and not feelings. More importantly, we are never ruled by a spirit of fear so whenever we bring this subject up it's simply used as a means to spiritually prepare ourselves and the Body of Christ as well as the unsuspecting world about the things that are in our near future according to Bible prophecy.

Earlier, I opened this piece by bringing up a new popular TV show that seems to be the next in a long line of mass conditioning courtesy of Hollywood. Let's start with the logo for the show The Event.

Personally, the letter "E" is very prominent in the above image. However, it was seeing those 2 E's facing each other that really stood out to me for some strange reason. Then it hit me!

Did anyone else think about the Nicholas Cage film Knowing and the whole "EE" business that turned out to be central to the storyline of that movie?


From the Wikipedia entry under "Plot" for the film...

Diana thinks that the last number on the page, the death toll for the final disaster, is not "33" but "EE" written backwards. She tells John that her mother heard voices whispering horrible things and she moved out to the woods to "get ready". They find pictures of all the disasters she predicted and copy of Matthäus Merian's engraving of Ezekiel's "chariot vision". John finds a pile of small smooth stones in the house that lead him to flip over the bed and find the words "Everyone Else" carved repeatedly into the underside. While John and Diana are in the home the Strangers try to take the children. Abby says the "whisper people" said that she and Caleb could go with them. John confronts one of the strangers who opens his mouth in a terrible roar and disappears in a flash of light.

The next morning John finds that Abby has colored in the picture of the "Likeness of a Man" in the engraving and says it is the sun. John has a sudden revelation and rushes them to the MIT observatory where he discovers that a massive solar flare will soon reach Earth. It is the final disaster on Lucinda's paper that will kill everyone.

Remember that?

So, "EE" turned out to stand for "Everyone Else" as in "Everyone Else's Fate" we soon learned after the true meaning of those 2 letters was revealed to the viewing audience. Let's not forget that the final cataclysmic global event took place in October, which is a little strange since it's coming up within the context of this study and in the month of October.


Anyway, for whatever reason, that's what I thought of when I saw the 2 E's prominently displayed, calling attention to them, in the graphic image associated with the show The Event. Over-thinking things? Perhaps. Still odd though.

In addition, the attempted assassination of the President in The Event occurs in Miami, FL. Yes, the ENTIRE PLOT for the TV show begins in Miami, and the President and his wife have Cuban roots too.

I just thought that was strange too given our previous looks at what some people claim will be the next likely location for a "False Flag" type of event. What am I talking about?

Well, fortunately, I remembered a piece from back in early February 2010 that will shed some light on what I'm referring to here...

'Miami 2017' About New York In 2010?

Obviously, none of our speculations panned out back then -- thank God -- but there was a video I included in that study that I thought of in connection to today's entry particularly because it could prove to be quite incriminating. Wait until you see this (or see it again in light of all of this).

Connecting The Dots

Even if the skeptic claims that the above information as presented in that clip is "contrived", I'd still argue that it's one heck of a "coincidence" that all of those major disasters and tragic events in the U.S. connect like that with lines to reveal what some have called a "pentagram of blood".

Look, I know how crazy it all sounds, but by now we've all seen some pretty conclusive 9/11 evidence, which suggests that our government -- or at least key factions of it -- were complicit on that fateful day.

Now, add to all of this the recent announcement by federal authorities that they are "certain" that a terrorist attack will be attempted ("It's not a matter of 'if', but of 'when'..." we're constantly told) and you be the judge.

If you still doubt that such a scenario is even possible, then you're not reading your Bible (because you don't fully understand the spiritual war that is being waged as we speak under the guise of "politics" and "terrorism"), and you're ignoring history -- some of it very recent too I might add.

What else might we add to this narrative? I think it's worth reminding everyone about the "Pakistani Taliban" and their probable role in any future "terrorist attack" against this nation. Here's a full listing of all the times in the past year that we've addressed that possibility...

May 2009 - Wars And Rumors Of War From Pakistan

October 2009 - October: Trick, Treat, Or Horror? (PART 1)

October 2009 - October: Trick, Treat, Or Horror? (PART 2 - Is Pakistan A Prelude To Terror Attack Or Is The Crisis Averted?)

'Pakistani Taliban' Back In The News (Why It's Important)

June 2010 - 'False Flag' Narrative Almost Complete

Right Now Radio: Is A False Flag Event Imminent?

July 2010 - Echoes Of 9/11? Signaling An Attack? War?

Actually, come to think of it, that Billy Joel column wasn't the only time we looked at Miami in this forum either. Here are the others...

FEMA Camps And Prophecy
(KEY EXCERPT: "In 1987, the Miami Herald revealed that these camps are to be operated by FEMA should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States, and all it would take is a Presidential signature on a proclamation, and the Attorney General's signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached.")

The Image Of The Beast's Forerunner

Coral Castle

Bimini Road-Atlantis-Miapolis Connection?

'Miami 2017' About New York In 2010?

Third World War, World War III

Wackenhut Doing What!?!

Symbolism Everywhere! What Else Is New?

July 11th: Prophetic Symbolism In Sports (The Beginning Of The Prophesied End Is Near!)

Then, I remembered another news story out of Miami from 2006 that I simply want to share because I think it speaks to the whole "Christians Are Terrorists" meme, which is obviously connected to the prophecies concerning the coming persecution of the saints...

Geraldo Exposing Miami Terror Op

Ironic (or not?) that we find that so-called "domestic, home-grown terror cell" coming up in our study today. Why? Well, if you thought there was overt religious symbolism in things like a random NBC TV show, then you probably don't remember how these men -- patsies really -- were part of a group they formed that they called the "Seas of David", which law enforcement and the media obviously painted as "a militant religious group". That's odd because even the Deputy FBI Director John Pistole had described this group as being more "aspirational than operational" in its terrorist nature.

Wanna know what's even stranger in the context of this discussion? The group was made up of 7 members that each had their own nickname -- "Prince Manna" was their leader and relatives have described him as a "Moses-like" figure who roamed his neighborhood wearing a robe and carrying a crooked wooden cane. Plus, they often wore uniforms bearing a Star of David and met for Bible study and martial arts practice.

At this point, let's just stop for a moment and marvel at how highly improbable it is that we're sitting here 4 years later contemplating what God may or may not allow to happen to this world any day now in order to fulfill His ultimate plan for humanity, and we find the same names, nations, places, and themes that were present in a 2006 story of a very similar nature.

Then again, maybe the "terrorism" angle is what we should expect to see. After all, it wasn't Miami, FL, but in Miami Township (in Dayton, OH) a rocket launcher was recovered in an alleged plot to attack Dayton Veterans Administration Hospital there.

I'd be remiss if I didn't also point out how a "False Flag" event doesn't necessarily have to be the expected "terror attack" like we think it most likely would be. It could very well be the culmination of all the unusual "Alien/UFO" stuff we've seen covered by the mainstream news in recent weeks. NASA's Project Blue Beam in order to help support an actual demonic manifestation here in our physical realm perhaps?

I'm sure if that's what's in store for us then we should expect it to play out much like this...

Cloverfield (2008)

Monsters (Opening October 29th)

Skyline (Opening November 12th)

Still, the questions are not going away. Why so much to do with Miami? Why is there so much symbolism pointing to that place lately? Do you notice what so many of us are noticing? What does it mean (if anything) in regards to the big picture?

I want to close by stating that it was a recent comment from "Tysonf" in the LIVE Chat that prompted me to write this piece today (thanks for sharing it with us Tysonf!)...

"Remember The Maine" link interesting if watching for a future large event as pontential for November. Just throwing it out there.

Now, what will really make your head spin is when you take the time to visit the site he linked to and check out some of the strange symbolism connected to all of this that's found there.

Add that together with everything we've just covered here in this post (especially all of our previous looks at Miami in the past 1-2 years) and one can't help but ask "What If?" in my humble opinion. Of course, that does not mean that we should be responding to any of this in fear.

Instead, it leaves us to prayerfully consider what appears to be a Satanic agenda for this nation with Miami seemingly central to the Luciferian plan -- assuming God allows them to succeed for a season to fulfill His ultimate plan for humanity. He is in complete control -- not Satan and not man (or those loyal to Lucifer).

Either way, we know who wins this battle in the end, and it's not Satan and his loyal subjects. Praise God! Regardless of what does or doesn't happen in Miami, please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment in this late and urgent hour. We all need it now more than ever. In the meantime, lest rest on the truth of God's Word in the days, weeks, and months ahead...

Luke 21:28 (KJV) And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Matthew 10:28 (KJV) And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Fight fear with faith.

Keep looking up! Lord, come quickly! MARANATHA!

Rest in Him and rest in His Word. Repent! Judgment is coming!